Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things look pretty dire for the young Rockies' Rookie here....but actually 6packthief is just plain tuckered out and taking himself a little nappy-poo.
30pack seems amused but that little feller is dead-weight waiting for the Coors Field scamper. Not sure I would show such patience and fortitude with a Rockies' Rookies member getting drowsy at such a key moment.
C'MON! You're about to get to run around on the BASEBALL FIELD. Look alive!


30 Pack Thief said...

One too many beers.

30 Pack Thief said...

Actually the real story I remember was 6PT running around the bases several times and me losing him. If you remember the story he came across home plate and I was getting yelled at by the groundskeepers for standing on the grass. He took off again and I lost him. I almost went into the dugouts to find him. I finally saw him running into the outfield and the groundskeepers finally let me go get him. At least I can say that I set foot on the grass.