Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Running out of steam here (unless anyone can handle anymore pics of mini-ST...)
So here is one final pic from the "bus stop" series. Do note that I'm standing pretty much in the middle of 38th Avenue, most likely during rush hour, and was lucky enough to not get clipped by some weird Ford dually custom pickup with a huge Nike swoosh decal on the rear window.
(this was late last season, 01 September. DLR dominated the Mets, a Rockies' winner on the way to the playoffs)


TroutDog said...

Pitchers and catchers reporting tomorrow!!

ST - How are you going to adjust to life on the 32 to games? I guess Swankys is more "on the way" to Coors.

Sonic Tooth said...

Actually looking forward to the 32. It's a little more upscale.
Pros: Swanky's is on the way.
Cons: Can't duck into the stadium to get a promotional item and handstamp "on the way" to Swanky's.

DeathTruck said...

some brave photography.