Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mas images from Paws at the Park '07. Damn those hounds were greedy for the suds. (or just looking for some agua from the portable dog bottle thingy I see on the bleachers)

The photo is revealing from a Sammy standpoint, how "un-grey" his facial fur is in these photos. Damn, 3 years take their toll on an orange/brown faced basset.


TroutDog said...

The first thing I thought was the Sammy orange factor. The fade is striking...bring back them paws!!

Nik said...

Shouldn't that read 'an orange/brown faced basset'?

I had no idea the bone was getting all gray in the grill.... I'm out of the Highlands loop!


Sonic Tooth said...

Take a specific gander at his face/snout next time you see him. Sammy's a grey and grizzled veteran of years.

Sonic Tooth said...

Grammar police on patrol...i like.