Thursday, February 4, 2010

If you careen through the BSB annals of Coors Field/Rockies memories of the past couple years and you ponder what are the most lasting? The most vital..?.
I present you this disdainful looking visage of Young Tato.
"one wonders, how much more vital could a shot of someone at Coors Field be?" And the answer is none. None more vital.
I know the Rockies lost this game. I don't even need to check . The look of utter disgust provides more information than a newspaper boxscore ever could.


DeathTruck said...

Her facial expression sort of asks: 'is Hurdle fired yet?'.

TroutDog said...

As the photographer of this shot, I will also add this makes a great birthday card backdrop.

Sonic Tooth said...

For any birthday card backdrop usage permission requests please contact TroutDog directly. Not the author of the post.

Young Bear said...

It was a random Nats game, I believe.
No mention of Tato's (YB JR?)dope pink Tulo T-Shirt jersey?