Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Nice little walk-off for I-Do(n)g. Multi-hit night too?
Fun end. Probably shouldn't have gotten to that point...some poor defense enabled the Mets. They did get a bit clutch too.
Tulo is having his standard shit-ass start to the season...but with the glove too?? Not good.
Prophetically, the Cowboy pre-game hung his hat on some Iannetta offense. What a call.
This game atones for the Saturday Padres game extra-inning disappointment.

Cook still sorta scares me a bit. Not just all the AFFLICTION shirts either...his pitching still doesn't look all that sharp.


Sonic Tooth said...

Love how Tracy calls Spilly, "Spilbourgh" minus the closing "s" on the last name. The mistake was utilized several times during the post-game.

Wait. Maybe I don't love that seemingly innocuous slip-up.
I sure hope some sort of dementia isn't setting in. I can't say enough about how much that would suck. That would certainly affect the special things Tracy brings to the staff on the bench.

TroutDog said...

Didn't see much of the latter part of the game, but finished band practice to see:

a). The Rocks had blown the 5-3 lead
b). Flores gets out of a top of the 10th 2 out jam
c). I-Dog delivering a no-doubt dong

Perfect timing....a little drama in the Shark Tank too...