Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ubaldo was thinking about maybe going no hitter tonight

Didn't think we'd be blogging about a no-no anytime soon (or ever), but I guess Ubaldo would prefer that we do blog about a certain no-no. 17-years and the Rockies get their first no-hitter; pretty friggin awesome. I must admit I was out running errands for the 1st and 2nd innings, and when I got home they flashed the scoreboard and had a camera on Ubaldo with Goodman saying something like, "Ubaldo appears to have his good stuff tonight". Kind of awesome for him to pitch a no-hitter when it was pretty clear that he was having trouble somewhat with his location (six walks is a bit high for Super Ubaldo). And a tip of the hat to Dex for making that pretty rad grab in Left-Center. I guess every no-hitter has one of those (or so they say).
Anywho, congrats Super Ubaldo; you have my 2010 Cy Young vote.

Oh and one more thing: Ubaldo is the first and only player ever to pitch a no-hitter and have his first name start with the letter "U". He can say that for the rest of his life.

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Young Bear said...

Unwar your low def.

I thought Ubaldo was thinking about going no dinger....