Friday, April 30, 2010


This is a critical stretch for the once highly touted Rockies' 2010 club. Sitting .500 as April turns to May.
3 back of the Padres. The Padres?
Keeping things level at least through this NL West Cali trip, will be fairly crucial.

A pitching staff (outside of Ubaldo) that is banged up and capable of colossal bed shitting at the drop of a hat is fairly disconcerting. Need to hold it together, and see some flashes of brilliance from Rogers and Chacin. Do we need to get Gobble or Redding up in this shit? I hope not. Quit walking people.


Sonic Tooth said...

Barmes is not a legit major league talent.

TroutDog said...

God Barmes has been awful - both in the field and at the plate. Time to ship with down to Iannetta-Land. That game was frustrating to watch. Gotta say the turning point may have been that short intermission to coral the streaker (I assume that's what was happening, as I didn't have the sound on) in the outfield. Right after, Fat Uribe rakes a multi-RBI hit. Cookie threw a lot of meatballs, many that weren't even called strikes? That homeplate ump appeared to have smoked crack before the game.

Some rookie pitching brilliance would be much welcomed. Not liking the way this team is playing, not at all...

DeathTruck said...

These guys don't look too fucking good.