Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm not one to get too all up in the grill of the front office when the team's direction is off kilter, the players are god damn pros. Nor am I too inclined to get very appreciative of the same when the team is tearing it up on the diamond.
Suits don't get RBI's, don't have complete game shut-outs on the mound, or a walk-off hit to win a game.
From all accounts Keli McGregor was a good dude - the booth tonight on-air was flooded with a lot of great sentiment and what sounded like legit first-hand positive experiences with the man who was the Rockies President. A President basically on a contract-less handshake deal with the Monforts.
A loss. My best to his family.
Pretty lame that my main perception of him up to this point was the public face and name of the World Series ticket debacle, I recall seeing him on the news trying to explain away the fact that I didn't get WS tickets and some asshole in Idaho had tix for sale at triple face value a day later. Retrospectively seems unfair to judge him that way. (that World Series sucked, you know?)

Tonight's game? The Rockies' unleashed an assload of hits and runs in the 2nd and 3rd and then packed it in with a 10 run lead. Hard to blame them. Hard to watch the rest of the game too. Things got sloppy and indifferent which describes the bad side of what we've seen so far this year (when not jobbed a W by a 1st base ump).

FYI. DLR has as many RBI's as Helton this year. Giambi still doesn't have a hit. Fowler is way below .200. Not right. Need to get things pointed in a better direction. Sitting .500 once again....


TroutDog said...

Definitely a pretty shocking and story to come out of Rockies land. Glad the team responded in a way that would make Keli proud. Couldn't have been easy.

Regarding Helton's RBI total - I think the Dexter struggles are a contributing factor. Dex smoked one in the brief part of the game last night that I saw (almost an inside the park HR) and has had some tough luck on hard hit balls the past week. Maybe his fortunes are changing. Hammel needs to have a rebound performance tonight.

TroutDog said...

Why must our defense suck so much? Troubling, very troubling.

Sonic Tooth said...

yeah. people kicking balls around like it's a goddam World Cup match.