Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sunshine, Warmer Temps, Chili Races, Chillin' on the Berm, and Rockies Dominance

Despite waking up to the troubling news that the original Frank Dog has pain in his shoulder and is going on the 15 day DL to start the year, it was a much better Cactus League experience today at Isotopes Stadium. DLR looks ready for his start on Friday in the home opener, and the offense battered Mariner pitching for 10 runs, including multiple jacks, and the defense looked much crisper, only committing 2 errors (compared to 5 yesterday). Plus, everyone loves a food item race (unfortunately, along with the wave, doing the YMCA dance, and singing 'Sweet Caroline'), which down in the Q is a chili-themed affair. Not sure what that has to do with Isotopes (DT has already suggested it should be a molecule race), but if I was an attorney for the Milwaukee Brewers, I'd be looking at filing a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Onward to the real season. We'll see if the pitching injuries to H Street and Franky prove costly. I guess the stage is set for Greg Smith (nickname suggestions?) and Nervous Morales to step it up....

(this is "the berm" mentioned above....kinda a pseudo Rockpile)


Sonic Tooth said...

The Berm? Damn, I expected to see you fools behind homeplate on FSN Rocky Mountain today. You guys work at Burger King? Del Taco? You drive all the way down to the Q and you sit in the equivalent of the Rockpile?

Today looked much more pleasant. Downright basebally. The home runs were flying that's for sure (not quite like Das Boot a few nights ago, but still flying)

Is Greg Smith being inserted straight into Francis' slot? We will still see DLR on Friday at Coors' home opener? Thought they might slide everyone up and put G & S as the fifth.

TroutDog said...

That berm shot was just my voyage around the stadium. Shit, the Sandman hit a $900 slot tonight....word!!

DeathTruck said...

Definitely looked like a pleasant day at the park, and don't think for a minute that the M's announcers are afraid to use the term "barrel".

900 bucks can get you a lot of Crown Royal. On the other hand, are there any glitter gulches near the Q?