Sunday, April 6, 2008

Double Weak

Get me the fuck out of here. The Rockies? They stink, and I hate 'em!
Very depressing brooming just went down over at Coors...not sure I can add too much to the hound's critique.


Sonic Tooth said...

The Rockies in 2008:
Team batting average .209

Team batting average with runners in scoring position .100 (Five hits in 50 at-bats)

Runs/game 1.7

Matt Holliday/Brad Hawpe/Troy Tulowitzki combined batting average .194

Team ERA 4.92


TroutDog said...

I heard the RISP average this morning on the radio....pitiful.

The team is not holding up well under the new found expectations. My guess is that the stands will be less full in the braves series which maybe take away some of the pressure....5 freaking runs in the homestand. ZERO multiple run innings. WTF???

TroutDog said...

Now that opening weekend is out of the way and hockey playoffs start, the painful start to the baseball season can move a bit to the backburner.

Sonic Tooth said...

Are you kidding? I think the now-ironic 2007 celebrations need to continue on through the end of the month! Can we have "ring presentations" every other game?

DeathTruck said...

Fewer people at the games mean less pressure on the Rox, and perhaps lower PBR prices at Slinky's.

Can't get much worse than where were at.

... too bad KazMat isn't in the lineup.

TroutDog said...

As bummed as I am about this start, I did some calculations and 6 games in a baseball season equals less than 1 game in an NFL season.

Also, we got to AZ this weekend, so the opportunity for pay back is right around the corner. Just hope there is a little confidence built in the interim.

Sonic Tooth said...

Yes, confidence and wins right around the corner would be nice.

Something must break.

Steve said...

I've learned not to mess with tradition. You guys need your own exclusive cheer to reconnect to Milwaukee. It was downright careless of me to introduce a new chant this season. So you guys go back to your Super Tulo or your Super Helton cheer and I will simply sit back and enjoy. Magic Troy? Magic Clint? Magic Garrett? Stupid... just plain stupid.

Sonic Tooth said...

Frankly, the Rockies' problems seem to run deeper than being thrown the proverbial "curve ball" by a slightly altered name-based cheer/chant from us dorks.

I think in the end, it will actually be heralded as one of the lone bright spots in a 10-152 season, sadly.

TroutDog said...

I was yelling C'mon Super Corpas Tonight!