Monday, April 28, 2008

This Is Sox the Fox

He is the mascot of the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, triple A affiliate of the Rockies. I think he should welcome back some current Rockies players. The reason is that they continue to play like minor league players. Hurdle is right when he says this team does not execute. Pitchers can't get anyone out with 2 outs, choke late in games, can't throw strikes, throw tons of wild pitches, and yes, even balks. Hitters can very rarely come up with clutch hits, don't hit for power, strike out all the time, and (this is one of the most alarming stats) have ONE sacrifice fly the entire fucking season. Sure there has been some bad luck here and there, but this team really does resemble a minor league team. I'll give a few exceptions to Atkins, Helton, Holliday, Cook, Herges, and (as of late) Francis. The rest of the team looks very minor league to me....Great, I see we've walked five straight batters. Nice work, boys. They've scored two runs without a hit.....Looks like Matt Cain will get his first victory since last August.


Sonic Tooth said...

Minor league indeed.

The basic surface stats of the batters don't display the ineptitude of the situational hitting.

The pitching is really laughable...both Morales and Wells looked like nervous Little Leaguers tonight when things got weird (the entire brief outing for Wells) Unfortunately for some of the better pitching performances this year they have coincided with ice-cold bats. A perfect storm of crap-baseball...

Sonic Tooth said...

Can someone wind Sox up? He looks like he'd be pretty cool when he's walking around and shit.