Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tulo records the season's first ribbey

One of the highlights of todays game, a solid hit to the wall to cash in a couple of insurance runs. A close game until the last inning when the Rockies decided to rip the lid off it. Also some fine hitting from G-Dog and TD's main man Iannetta. Barmes also doing an adequate job of keeping his batting average close to .500. Redman with a decent outing, only giving up 3 hits. And of course my main Fuentes, Herges, and Taylor getting it done in the later innings... Get'er done!!!

The game's not over yet, but I'm guessing the lead is sufficient enough to avoid any sort of jinx. Perhaps some dupe blogging going on right now?

War 4 tacos for $1 manana
Unwar inclement weather at Ruby Hill


TroutDog said...

Is Tulo hanging out with the Karate Kid? I was too busy posting very important rants on KTH to post a dupe here....

The final score sure is deceiving. Game was very close until the top of 9. Wish the Rocks would spread some of these runs out over the course of a few games. Still, a good win and very much needed with our ace (Redman) on the mound. With Peavy going against our fifth starter today (Francis), a loss in this game would've spelled a sweep.

I think I've decided on going with an Ianetta jersey.

Sonic Tooth said...

yeah, the cavalcade of runs one game, and then getting shut-out the next is rather disconcerting.