Saturday, April 12, 2008

Taking a D-Back Boot Up the Ass

Apologies for the post title here, but the Rocks get destroyed for the second game in a row against a D-Backs team that looks pretty dominant in the early going this season. That makes us 0-5 against the Snakes this season....not good. Maybe this is payback for sweeping them in the playoffs last year.

We were never really in this game as Franklin got hit around pretty good early and often. Haren proved his worth as the second half of the vaunted 1-2 punch in the AZ's rotation by squashing potential rally after potential rally with big strike outs and double plays. Between two dominating pitchers and a lineup that seems to deliver doubles and HR's at will, this team looks scary good and worthy of the pre-season predictions of NL West champs. Even Byrnes has been hitting this series.

With this latest loss, the Rocks are five games back in the NL west. Of course it's too early to pay too much attention to the standings, but tomorrow's game is pretty big for April. Cookie needs to replicate his previous performance at Coors when his sinker looked Webbesque......

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Sonic Tooth said...

freaking Snakes have won 8 straight.
didn't fear them to start the season. i do now.