Friday, April 18, 2008

The Game Nobody Wanted to Win

Is the Rockies game still on?? ruff, ruff.....Made one good decision and on bad decision once I returned home last night after a great Das Boot victory. While I was rather tempted to continue the victory celebration with more High Life Light, I decided I would stop drinking beer and get into bed. That good decision also turned out to be, in part, a bad decision, as I stayed up in bed watching the Rockies - Padres exchange futility into the wee hours of the morning. Either the bullpens were really good (unwar Corpas?), or there was a severe lack of clutch hitting. Both teams had chances to wrap this up, but seemed to blunder opportunities. With the game going into the bottom of the 20th, Kip Wells coming in to face the heart of the Padres lineup, and clock well past 1 am, I decided to turn in.

The first sign that the Rocks were victorious came during an early morning piss. Heard my cell phone beeping and thought, hmmmm, better check this. What do you know, a text message from DeathTruck. This had to be good. "My main man Tulo!" Yes, I knew we must've won at that point. Had I been still awake, my reply would've been, "My main man Kip Wells!"

In the end, it is a great win for the Rocks. A road series victory against a divisional foe, is big for this team as they inch toward .500. The road schedule should get a little easier tonight in Houston. Super Morales needs a strong outing, because the bully is plum tuckered out after last night.


DeathTruck said...

Yeah, I guess you would have to unwar corpas. The dude has not started off the season on a very consistent note... what the hell bro? One more blown save, and you could prolly make the argument for giving the closer spot to Tito again.

All in all though, we should be happy to leave the whale's vagina with 2 victories.

TroutDog said...

Don't even go there, DT....Manny will settle down. It would be nice if wasn't always thrown into these super tight, low-scoring games while trying to find his form.

How about my Main Man Buchholz??

You thinking of watching the game at a bar tonight?

Sonic Tooth said...

settled into a post Das Boot viewing, but could only make it past Corpas' lousy blown save in the 14th. dude has not looked good, granted he has not been given a chance to develop much in the way of a rhythm.

Francis sounds like he had a quality start which is encouraging.

Hopefully they all were able to steal a few winks on the way to Houston.

Sonic Tooth said...

whoever thinks Super Gallego needs to step it up can go get fucked.

TroutDog said...

Hey now! I was just joshing Super Gallegos!