Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Recap of last few days

Quite a rarity happened last night in the Whale Vagina: a Rockie come from behind win. We're usually on the short end of the stick when it comes to a bullpen giving up multiple runs to lose the game. I-Dog's grand salami is just what this team needed (did she say that?). Also, a good start to the game as Tulo got an RBI double (also a rarity) that lead to a 2-run inning. Hopefully those two bates are now out of their slumps... hopefully. Also, a fine job by the bullpen for not giving those runs right back, a pattern that has already been too common for this '09squad (and something that '08 team loved doing).

As for the last few days:
Friday: decent start from Ubaldo, but just way too much LOB.
Saturday: game wasn't televised for some reason, which sucked because it sounded like a good one to watch (don't think the booth won't be bombarded with emails about this tonight).
Sunday: again way too much LOB; it's a reocurring theme that needs to end, and unwar Corpas (I hate to say it but he really sucks).


Sonic Tooth said...

Can I get an "unwar Corpas" up in here???

TroutDog said...

Hell, yeah, you can get an Unwar Corpas. Lot of rumblings that he was heading to the Springs after Sunday, but I guess not. Bring back the '07 version (or even '06) please!!

I-Dog's salami stunned me. (Insert lame joke here.) No really, I was in complete disbelief. But, I guess it is the Padres, who look awful. How did they get such a good start?

DeathTruck said...

Front office probably doesn't like the idea of a Sky Sox pitcher making all of that loot.

Maybe he needs to have a talk with Fraz.

Sonic Tooth said...

I don't like the idea of a shitty Rockies' set-up pitcher making all that loot.

TroutDog said...

Have the Dodgers swept the D-Backs yet?