Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rockies bullpen gives up 10 runs? In one inning?

Well David...your worries seem pretty justified at this point, if they didn't already when you first made your concern's public.
The Rockies just lost ANOTHER series, this time to the Pirates. What a sad laugh.
What to do? Does this team really just flat out suck? They tend to fail regularly enough in every phase of the game to think that just might be the case.
Fire Hurdle? Why the hell not at this point? He's still riding the good will of Joketober '07, which let's face it, had little, to nothing to do with him in the end. It was a fabulous convergence of good luck and great play on the field that produced that magical stretch. Anyways, canning Hurdle might at least shake shit up in a season that is headed to the shitter in a hurry.
Besides that inconceivable 2nd place finish/wildcard '07, he and his team's performance have only run the gamut of mediocre to subpar during his tenure. Very few extended times that suggested a successful direction....
AARRRGGH. Does this franchise even want fans??? There are times where I'm not sure that they deserve any.
(sorry for the retread of my crappy Bowie photo. the bullpen was to blame today and I didn't have time to try and find a photo of one of our shitty pitchers looking sad and remorseful for making assloads of money but sucking the very life out of their team...then I got off on a tangent.)


Riggins said...

This team is a joke and this franchise's ownership has been a joke from the beginning! The stars aligned during Rocktober and I don't have time to wait another 15 years for it to happen again. Fire Hurdle, that's a good place to start! Find ownership who want to win outside of their wallets!

TroutDog said...

A little late to this party and (although I had Bowie and Maddow on my mind all day, while not in front of a computer) yesterdays angst has somewhat subsided after a quality win tonight. Actually did the little things on offense, great start by Marq-Dog, and Street doesn't give up 5 runs in the 9th. So can we win a series now please?