Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Kings of the 1-Run Victories

I'll admit I'm scraping egg off my face after the Rocks prove this afternoon they can win a game decided by one run. After squandering chances to add a little insurance late in the game thanks to some unclutch at bats and general non-execution by the offense (sound familiar?), the bullpen comes through (sound unfamiliar?) to preserve a win and avoid a sweep at home. Still a mighty lame weekend series with the Rocks' expansion brethren, and concerns about offensive consistency are suddenly larger than the pitching (really?). But, maybe winning a close game will propel a modest winning streak. Since most of the BSB contingency will be at Coors Tues night, is a two-game winning streak too much to ask?

Oh yeah, sounds like Tulo might have aggravated his quad injury from a year ago. A week ago this might have been good news, but the guy has suddenly been swinging the bat a little better. Would kind of like to see him at least have the chance build on that.

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DeathTruck said...

How about we have a guy's night out tonight?