Sunday, May 23, 2010

"I'm Jeff Francis, and I appear to be back."

A rare revisit from the 2007 (mini) Jeff Francis here on BSB.

Had to give a shout regarding the job he has done in his first 2 games back. Seriously, I would never have predicted something like this actually going well for the current Rockies, a team that appears to be snake-bit in many ways this year with injuries, bad luck, and in general being a team that really just hasn't gotten "hot" in any sustained fashion.
Nice to see the bounce back the last couple games in KC...still, to my last point above, this was a roadie that had the makings of a catalyst to really get the season pointed in the right direction. Get on a hot streak. But no, they come out of it 3-4 and are currently .500 and still 4 games back.
Hope some home cooking can stir up some magic. A day off and a GNO game might do the trick?


TroutDog said...

The track record is pretty good for non-rained out GNO games. Hear there could be a Dr. DT sighting at the game tomorrow.

The Franky return has been downright startling. The one very nice surprise this year. What's not startling is that I read Mr. #1 pick from a few years ago Greg Reynolds suffered another setback with an elbow injury. Can this dude just retire already?

TroutDog said...

Looks like KazMat is coming back to the fold. Time to put 30T's Japanese player theory to the test....I'm for it.