Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Dominance

Seldom (never) will I throw up a post about a game I couldn't even watch, but when Super U delivers another scoreless gem to lower his ERA to 0.88 and notch his 9th win in May(!), something must be said. I believe Dr. DT was in the house, so I assume he picked up some World Series tickets afterward. I will be in the house today for a Business Man's Special (even though I'm not working today), but not feeling entirely confident in a sweep against our natural division rivals with the Hammel vs. Haren match up. Time for HamBone to step up and make this winning streak five before the hot, but hated Dodgers come to town.


Captwhatshisname said...

Great game, Ublado didn't have his fastball at the best (topped out at 98, lots of them around 95) but had nice control and just let the guys play defense.

War Seth Smith's 2 HRs... and barely missed a 3rd.

Hammel... with DLR coming back soon... you need to make a case to stay in the rotation. Can't imagine him beating out Cookie, or even Chacin at this stage, but he has to try!

Here is my top 5
Ubaldo (duh)

TroutDog said...

I agree on that ranking, but usually for order, I don't think you'd pair two lefties back-to-back. If Franky stays in top form, the rotation could look really good once DLR comes back. Have to say YoLease has been better than Cookie thus far, but I'm still holding out faith that he'll come around and find that "bowling ball" sinker.

Sonic Tooth said...

Great game last night.
Bats coming alive?

TroutDog said...


TroutDog said...

I'm glad Tulo got back on the juice.