Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Oh look. Someone found the hat I should be wearing."

A rare HR is erased on a flood-gates opening 8th inning error by one of my 2010 whipping boys, Clint Barmes.
Jesus, I best not have to hear anyone say "he deserves to be in the lineup because of his glove even when he's struggling at the plate" at this point. I think he has 4 errors this season, add that to his now regularly miserable batting average. (We pay him 3.5mil a year?!?) Sure, he is prone to produce some slick leather now and again, but tonight's error was a kick in the huevos. Cory Sullivan gets to add the bonus by producing the hit to put the Astros up after the error. Thanks Sully...I didn't like you either.
That horribly brief stop at an above .500 record after Sunday's game has quickly dipped back down to the 2010 standard hover of several games below.


TroutDog said...

Maybe he just needs to bat 2nd in the lineup again?

Actually....was about to create an unwar Barmes post myself. The thing about that error that really made it special, was how it didn't even look like he had to backhand it, yet he did, and fucked it up as a result. Really wishing EYJ wasn't on the DL. I thinking I hear Jonathan Herrera packing his bags right now to join the big league squad...

Captwhatshisname said...

I agree with both the Tooth and the Trout. While there are several Rockies not playing up to par, Barmes has found a way to sink to the bottom. Really agree about EYJ, I'd love to see him at second base more often, we already have a deep OF rotation.

Let's hope we're celebrating a Rockies and a Das Boot win tonight.