Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stew-bag in the clutch....

I was sawing logs by the time this game ended but nice to roll over this AM and click on the Rockies Blackberry App to see a surprising come from behind W last night...sitting even on the roadie so far.


DeathTruck said...

yeah, that stewie blast certainly did not suck. Cookie's inconsistency (or consistent sucking?) seems to be a real issue.

And what's gotten into Barmey?... bout friggin time.

TroutDog said...

I crashed after the top of 11 figuring it was a sure loss. I was pleasantly shocked to see a text from DT this morning praising corpas. Figured that was a good sign. That game was critical to the roadie.

Barmey is experiencing the Wolski effect. His constant trashing is show results.

Really worried about Cookie and the rest of the staff that isn't named Ubaldo.

Will interested to hear how Franky does in Tulsa today. Hopefully better than the dreadful (I can't throw a strike) Frank Dog.

Sonic Tooth said...

Someone's got to keep E.Y. Jr. out of freaking left field. He looks mighty lost out there.