Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Sonic Tooth said...

is that Stew-bag head supposed to float?

DeathTruck said...

hmm? Not a bad idea.

TroutDog said...

Maybe I should just stay in CA. The Rockies seem to never lose while I'm out here.

DeathTruck said...

unwar timely (sp?) hittime again. Like Tulo's homer, but could've been better the fist time around.

It seems like this time last year 'round this time we were spoiling playoff hopes for ... these... cocksuckers.

unwar q.

Sonic Tooth said...

easy there DT. it's all good.
blew a bunch of chances with the bases juiced, but the bullpen steadied, and the runs came just as needed in the end.

actually more accurately I think, last year these Dodger cocksuckers were rolling over so that WE could get to the playoffs. (who could forget the hungover scurvy of the day-after Pure Country Gold business man's special victory in the Loren seats?? and the Helton magic off of Saito later?? Good times)

this year, we are in the role of the simple spoiler.
...unless this winning streak can continue!! oops, sorry Rockies...you're jinxed to lose like 16-2 or something tomorrow. my bad.