Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hawpe Is Thinking About Maybe Going Camo Tonight or My Purple Floss Just Turned 40

Brad Hawpe came up short of a dong a couple of times tonight, but not on his last at bat. I actually thought his previous at bat was a dong, but Purple Floss was right on top of it in his center field bleachers and confirmed that it hit the wall. In my defense, I was stuffing my face at the time with a belated dinner and between the flight of the ball and the cheer of the jackasses in front of me, it was most definitely a HR. But, I noticed a couple of batters later, there was Brad, still on 3rd base. Didn't end up scoring on his 2nd straight leadoff double and it looked like that was going to bite us, after Unwar Manny couldn't hold the lead. Thankfully, I-Dog and Hawper had one more at bat and took care of business.

Fuentes also had designs on blowing this puppy, but was able to induce a grounder from Dunn to mercifully end the game with the bases loaded. All in all, a pretty entertaining game, especially if you were flying solo nerd-style. Even got to enjoy a send-off beer at Swanky's on Tessa's last night. That place could soon be going to shit.

DT - It's up to you to bring home the rubber match.

Haren vs. Rusch - advantage Rockies (we don't lose when Glendon pitches).


Sonic Tooth said...

Very shrewd on the Monfort's part.
Let AZ get Haren we'll just snap up Rusch!! All said, Glendon is the least of our complaints, and correct, we no longer lose when he pitches.

Purple Floss. 40? Where is that picture taken? Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru's Tatooine homestead?

Purple Floss said...

On my first day of forty-somethingdom I'm going to the game!

TroutDog said...

That's my basement, ST! I rent out the spare basement room to some Tusken Raider family. They're actually pretty good tenants.

DeathTruck said...

Got to win today. Hopefully the rain stays out of Coors Field.

Young Bear said...

I just got that same outfit!

Little rain in the foothills today, should be allright


TroutDog said...

Maybe Dan Haren is better than Glendon Rusch after all. Go figure.