Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ducks On Pond - Big Daddy Finally Comes Through

After two very weak at bats in clutch moments with the bases loaded, Matty finally delivers with a 3 RBI-double off the right field wall. About time. With good BTB representation, I won't go into detail, but I was pretty sure this game was going wrong for the Rocks once the Reds took the lead mid-game. Cookie didn't have his best stuff and some profound unclutchness at the plate seem to be the order of the evening. Vizciano did a nice job coming into the game in the 6th inning to cleanup Cook's mess, and despite yielding one solo HR in the 7th (a familiar theme for L Vizzy lately), pitched very well. The middle of the lineup finally drives in some runs leading to a much-needed victory. I will also add that the umping was particularly shitty in this game.

I hope ST can post some on-the-field photos later.

HankDog diarrhea update: The shits seem to be subsiding somewhat. This experience has taught us both about the sanctity of a fecal-free home, as well as enlightening us both about HankDog's new favorite food, cottage cheese.


Sonic Tooth said...

a satisfying game in the end, that I agree seemed destined for a bad ending. glad to not be right.

i did get some nice on the field shots of the Ive, she freaking loved it. ("i'm a real Rockie!" was the quote of the night)

myself, i loved that i got to slap ol' Josh Fogg on the back while making the on-field tour, when we got near the 3rd base dugout. dude is cool and was not at all freaked out by joe-blow offering up a "we miss you, here". in fact, he seemed stoked. not at all bothered by the fact that i touched him. (please understand it was only on the back of his shoulder.)

on another note (albeit a similar one). i saw Lappy and his kid at the concession stand behind homeplate. he actually seemed surprised by my "Lappy!"
i didn't attempt to touch him. probably for the best.

Sonic Tooth said...

oh yeah. DT and me both were pleasantly shocked by Matty coming through when it counted tonight. to quote RKL, it's a Beautiful Feeling.

also...i've got bonus Todd bobbleheads in tow for both Purple Floss and Troutdog.

TroutDog said...

A delightful repap. I love the Ivey, Fogg, and Lappy stories! That's what america's game should be all about.

I will gladly accept a Helton bobblehead to stand next to my Helton nesting Russian doll.

DeathTruck said...

Maybe Holiday was a little upset about my text to TD, about Cook being more clutch than him. I take it back... for the time being.

War video footage of the Ive rooting on Stew-Bag and Bake-Dog