Monday, August 11, 2008

"Goodness, I hope our staff doesn't suck to their full potential in '08"

Sorry Bob. Your worst dreams pretty much came true. Not only did the overachieving bunch from last year fall back to earth, you also got the plastic-bag-full-of-dog-dirt gift of Kip Wells and Mark Redman to round out your rotation this year. What's that? They're not on the team anymore?
OK, well now you've got Livan Hernandez. Super sorry that he shit the bed fantastic yesterday in his debut.
Plenty of time to get things figured out this year....right? Yeah, guess not.


Sonic Tooth said...

Hate being too harsh on the pitching staff as they are not the only culprit, but yesterday was flat-out brutal.

An overview:
Cook has been pretty damn good until his past two starts.
Jimenez was mighty sketchy until fairly recently.
Fuentes has been frustrating as well as money.
Buchholz has been solid.
Rusch and DLR have even had their moments. Unexpectedly too.

But the disappointments are pretty outstanding.
Wells, Redman as mentioned. Corpas is hopefully not an '07 fluke.
Francis has really been horrible (injured and still pitching?). Herges (lack of roids?). Vizcaino, an unfortunate bad signing.
Morales, not ready.

Livan...I'll give him a couple more starts.

Yesterday we were cracking each other up with shouts (heckles) of "put in Apodaca!"
That's just not funny.

TroutDog said...

I seem to remember the Rockies had the best ERA in the NL from June (or sometime around there) on last year. Boy has the story changed in '08.

Guess the "Big 3" starters have a chance at redemption in the upcoming D-Bags series. I'm not holding my breath though.

The dog days seem to be right around the corner. I can only hope Swanky's drops their beer prices back to $2 for Sept.

TroutDog said...

Great to see The D-Bags pick up Dunn from the Reds for some scrub minor league pitcher. With this signing and the Dodgers picking up Manny, the long shot appears even longer.

Sonic Tooth said...

last year does seem like an eternity ago.

the Dunn signing reeks a bit of desperation, in light of the LA/Ramirez deal. (WTF? I'm debating the two teams in our division that are better than the Rox and making efforts to continue to widen that gap?!?)
whatever...he hits a bunch of homers, strikes out a lot, and has a shit average. the D-Backs needed a big bat, they got one, hopefully it doesn't work out.

on the other hand I could see him going apeshit and crushing more dongs than normal, w/o his downside. (see Manny)


i maintain that our batting lineup should be enough to compete, if our pitching rose to the occasion...any occasion.
however, the lineup hasn't really justified that opinion, being that they have sputtered a bunch when more than 3 runs could have done the job.

maddening! maddening i tell you!

Sonic Tooth said...

where oh where has the blogging soy, Deathtruck, gone?
have you focused your efforts on an Outlaws or 14ers blog?

TroutDog said...

I agree that Dunn isn't some sort of miracle elixir for the D-bags, but I can't imagine a little more pop won't help them. Did I see Orlando Hudson is out again for the year? I thought I saw that on a ticker somewhere Sunday.

In any case, I hope the Rocks have saved their homestand wins for this week. God knows the locker room has to be frustrated.

For some reason I stayed up until almost midnight last night hoping the Dodgers would squander another 9th inning lead. They tried, but they held on to only allow 2 runs and stave off another meltdown.

I believe DT is in baseball depression right now.....

DeathTruck said...

Baseball depression indeed TD. I've also been doing a lot of Jungle emailing (he read of'em today) I could quickly snap out of the depression with a win tonight.

I also am not sure if Dunn will be the answer. Don't the Reds play in a hitter friendly stadium?

Young Bear said...

Dunn is a modern-day Rob Deer.