Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm still afraid of Snakes...

Made a solo nerd run to tonight's game...in fact I saw TD scooting down 38th as I was walking to the bus stop. Accomplished a few things....bid farewell to Lindsey at Swankys pre-game, haggled myself a single tickie 5 rows behind the Rox dugout for a mere 10 bones, was a couple feet from having a chance at a foul ball, and freaked out a bunch of people by cheering for "Stew-bag" and "I-dog" when Stewart and Iannetta respectively were batting. It seems the upper-crust doesn't really take a shine to goofy nicknames that are invented by those of us who normally sit in the upper deck. Whatever. Ian and Chris were just about the only ones who really produced at the plate, and perhaps my bizarre (vaguely drunken) encouragement was somehow helpful.
A fun night despite the Rockies pretty much trudging further toward the land of no-postseason. Done in a rather lackluster fashion I might add. TD, your post's critique of the game is rather spot-on. Funny, I see you also favor the player nicknames that the folks in section 123 should now be familiar with after my recent residency.


TroutDog said...

Damn, those look like some sweet seats! I forgot all about Spilly. Starting to look forward to the expanded rosters to see some Dexter Fowler action. Willy T. and his .250 batting average just doesn't cut it as a leadoff guy. The stolen bases are awesome, but you gotta be more of a plate-setter.

G-Dawg home with strep throat and Cookie's start getting pushed back due to a sore back doesn't help late season miracle runs. Looks like we'll be watching the Snakes and Dodgers race from the sidelines.

TroutDog said...

And fuck all of those lower bowl snobs. Wait til DT starts heckling opposing team's base coaches with profanity.

When does Hurdle-watch begin?

Sonic Tooth said...

Nice retort tonight with the win. Fuentes looking shaky as ever. (I think he does it on purpose at this point) Still able to get Dunn with the game on the line in the basesloaded 9th.
Props to Stew-bag. That's right section 123; that is exactly-what-the-fuck I called him last night. It's a term of endearment. What are you? Rich and stupid? Lighten up, and quit hoping that Glenallen Hill will give you a fucking baseball. You can buy those things for dirt cheap at Target or Dick's or some such.

Hawper comes up big this evening. REAL big. 3-3 homes, and the game winning jack. Nickelback still sucks, though my man.
Hope you had fun solo-nerding tonight TD.