Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tatum Wants to Know, Why Did the Rockies Decide To Suck Now??

Francis: Ok start, should've been pulled after 5 innings, down 3-0, pitch count approaching 90, and the pitcher's spot leading off the bottom of 5. Hurdle fucks up. Get 'em next time Frank-Dog.

Ubaldo: Worst start in quite a while. When he wasn't walking batters, he was getting squared up. Opponents got a lot of barrel on the ball.

Offense: Pretty much sorry to weak. No one really stepping it up. Bake Dog was miserable today.

Overall: You lose a 4 game series to the Nats at home in August when you're kind of contending? Pitiful.

Better pull those boot straps up, because the new worst team in the NL is riding into town. Peavy vs. Rusch - advantage Rocks.....

At least the D-bags are getting rolled by the Braves.


TroutDog said...

Ok - which pussy only had 3 beers a Swankys???

Sonic Tooth said...

Both questions I have no answer for.
WTF? 3 beers? I hope that was Purple Floss who did show up quite late.
Tatum, that is an eternal question that plagues mankind (or at least me when the goddam rox can't take a series at home against what had been the worst team in baseball)
I'm not ready to forsake the season quite yet. Granted, I'm close. But Tatum, I hope you always bring a "spring training" optimism to Coors, and at the very least, your pink Tulo jersey-T, and your jaunty pink cap...damn I should have had the Ive there to be in cahoots.

TroutDog said...

I call a truce on asking any more brain teasers.

War Tatum being a common presence on BSB.

TroutDog said...

Fuck that chicken....Dinger better bring his A game this weekend.

Sonic Tooth said...

it appears Stew-Bag is up to his old tricks again.
(thankfully homering, not striking out)

Sonic Tooth said...

Wait a minute...