Tuesday, July 22, 2008


TroutDog said...

What, you don't think the signings of Wells, Towers, and Vizcaino have worked out brilliantly??

And of course making a midseason trade for a serviceable 5th starter is out of the question.

By the way, who the hell voted for Nix as midseason MVP? What's his name, I want it.

TroutDog said...

Good to see the bats stay hot!

Ubaldo is kind of dishin 'em.

Unless there is a complete meltdown in the last 3 innings, this looks like a nice way to rebound from that Wells debacle.

I can't claim my attendence provided the good luck, as I had to call-in sick to Hurdle this afternoon. Hoping I'll be good to go tomorrow afternoon with DT.

Sonic Tooth said...

Yeah. The Nix vote is a mystery...someone's karma has a pile of shit center.

DeathTruck said...

It was me... I was drunk.

Perhaps Ubaldo will be added to the end of season MVP list. Huh? Whammy?

Hopefully Glendon will have a repeat from his last outing tomorrow.

No Wells yesterday = more broom shortages tomorrow.

Sonic Tooth said...

it was you DeathTruck???

Well fuck you straight to hell!
Drunk or no drunk...I think the Nix vote might be DQ'd on a loophole...isn't his first name constructed by tards and actually spelled "Jayson"?

Time to put up a new poll. I gotta say I like that last one.