Saturday, July 5, 2008

What the hell?

We win after we're done 9 runs? That's not the rockies brand of baseball that I've been watching the past few months, but I can adapt to their new brand of coming through in late innings.

Who wasn't going off yesterday? Reynolds and Vizcaino of couse (Laugh Out Loud), but Matty, G-Dog, I-Dog, and Spilly (who should maybe making a case for an everyday starter at this point). I guess, Hawpe is the answer the question above, but it's not like he's been strugglin lately.

Pretty rad game to be at last night, although I will admit after being down 9-runs, a-pup and I went to slinky's for a couple of innings, missing a good chunk of the comeback (the 5th and 6th). Nonetheless, we sort of accidentally slid down to a section behind homeplote and enjoyed the remainder of the comeback from there. Who doesn't enjoy giving hi-fives to strangers in late innings at sold out Coors Field?

A big task for the rockies at this point: everytime they win 3 or 4 straight, they seem to lose like 7 or 8 straight immediately after. How about not doing that?


TroutDog said...

Was I thinking about maybe going nodinger last night?

What a game. My Rockies!!

TroutDog said...

tulo back on the DL. Just when things seem to be turning around....

So I read that JoKo is playing 1st and Bakedog is moving to 2nd. Logical. But why the hell is Q playing short and not Barmes? Apparently Hurdle fear Clint's 4-5 effort last night and .338 batting average. I hope he comes to his senses before the game tonight.

Did someone say Hollida bobblehead night?

Sonic Tooth said...

Hvad fanden? (what the hell in Danish)

Yeah, what's up with that Tulo hand bullshit? Was he carrying a bunch of sharks up a flight of stairs?

i see via GameCast that the Rox have a little lead after 2. Little bit of JoKo love? C'mon DLR.

TD, is the Sammy Dog over at your joint?

Sonic Tooth said...


"Ball hit into play" Matty 3 run homer!! (should have been a fucking GS but for a passed ball.)

Where oh where are all the stateside blogging soys?

DeathTruck said...

Corrigan and Fraz just said he broke a bat in dugout tunnel during last night's game, giving him some gnarly cut on his palm. 16 stitches I guess.

Rox looking to be in good shape midway through the game. But, as we saw last night, no 8-run lead is safe around coors.

DeathTruck said...

td is at coors.

Sonic Tooth said...

...and yeah, 8 runs obviously don't mean shit. someone must contain.

Donde esta el Hot Doggo?