Thursday, July 3, 2008

You See, I Can Be More Than A Sideshow Jester On This Team

Courtesy of the Kroll cooler-radio, Das Boot players and fans got to hear Spilly come up big tonight and get a base knock with the bases juiced in the bottom of the 11th to give the Rocks a win in the type of game they have been really pathetic in all year. Buchholz gets bailed out for a rare gaffe, as does Herges. Youngsters and baseball-challenged patriots in attendance to see some gunpowder after the game go home happy.

3 wins in a row is an official "winning streak" that needs to continue through the weekend. Gotta say, I like seeing Spilly in game-winning highlights a little more than his off-field antics at SeaWorld.

And how about that Das Boot team? Second skunking in a row!! Can you feel me Greenland??


Chain Lightning said...

Bake Dawg is sick. I'm getting ready for Chestnuts to take down about 60 Bake Dawgs in about an hour or so.

Sonic Tooth said...

Oh, I'm feeling you on the icy island.
Great to get settled into my room after roughly 15 hours of air travel and see that the Rox won a close one, and Das Boot kicked more righteous ass.

However, don't ever discount Spilly's antics at Sea World and for fuck's sake never say a bad word about that time he did "The Robot" while he was getting fitted for a suit.

Das Boot!

Chain Lightning said...

Joey Freaking Chestnuts baby! The belt stays on Amercian soil for another year!

Sonic Tooth said...

wait. is this a competitive hot dog eating blog?

well, if that's what it takes for CL to join in, I better start looking ahead to the rest of the hot dog eating schedule for the summer.

TroutDog said...

An offensive derby going on at Coors. 7-3 Fish after 2 innings. Reynolds doesn't even get out of the 2nd. Could be one of those whacky Coors Field games.

ST, good point about the robot.

War US dominance in anything these days.

TroutDog said...
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