Thursday, July 3, 2008

U Go U

Apparently Ubaldo was inspired by the masterful performance from the previous night by Cookie. The offense came to the party as well executing at key times (the 1st inning excepted). DT and myself were able to take in entire non-stressful affair and put down a few Miller Lites in the process. About halfway through the game we slid into some prime seats and I got a great photo of Glenallen Hill's ass. The ladies go wild for this stuff.

Let's keep this modest momentum going tonight against our expansion rivals, the freakin' Marlins. Francis needs to show up for once.

Maybe a little too much celebrating post-game at Swanky's for DT, PF, and myself?


Chain Lightning said...

Can someone reopen the polls? My vote for Francis should at least count as a vote for Redman.

TroutDog said...

Word, CL. I agree that Francis vote should be with an asterik.