Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pitching looking comically bad...

A series where the Rox should have been able to display their relevance moving forward in the '08 season.
Instead, two very similar games have unfolded. Last night Grilli, Vizcaino, and Herges looking inept in relief of a pretty dicey start by "DLS" and the Rox go on to lose rather convincingly.
Tonight, Rusch gives up 3 runs in 5, leaves with the lead and then Herges and (unwar) Corpas come in and throw the proverbial gas on the fire...now down 6-4 top 8.
Not too impressed with the bad situational hitting or the base running blunders either. Rockies getting initmate with that LOB stat again.
Came into Pittsburgh pretty high but this shit's bringing me down.


Sonic Tooth said...

not to mention Bake-dog and Holliday looked downright stoopid bad at the plate tonight, and Hawpe looked like a minor leaguer out in right trying to play that ball hit by Mienctkashzisvitkishicz...he didn't even come close to coming up with what should have been a catch. sorta downhill from there.

TroutDog said...

Not too stoked that two days straight, I get home from work and see a nice comfortable lead only to see an early exit from a shaky stater give way to a bed-shitting bullpen performance leading to a dissappointing loss. Considering the starters that have been rolled out the last two nights, it's not that surprising the winning streak ended, but the bullpen needed to come up and get at least 1 win.

As far as the bats, I've pretty much not seen any of the runs scored the last two games due to the east coast start time, so in my mind, the bats have sucked complete shit against shitty pitching.

With Cookie going tomorrow, I'm confident there won't be a sweep. But, in light of the last two nights, the Rocks' pursuit of trade deadline starter might just fizzle.

TroutDog said...

Agreed - Hawpe makes that catch and two runs don't come across. I keep missing all of this keystone cops base running, but it's obviously hurt.

Sonic Tooth said...

it was pretty Keystone Cop-sy. Tulo and Stew-bag looking pretty foolish/unlucky.

Hawpe did at least have a solid night at the plate, but that weirdness in the field was costly.

DeathTruck said...

Agreed on the whole Hawpe shit: should have made the catch, but kind of tough guy to point a finger at him with his hot bat.

Can I vote for Hurdle in the new poll? Why the fuck was he going with Herges yesterday? The guy is the new Mike Munoz (guy who puts on runners and gives up runs). I loved him last year, but like most fans I've come to realize he's complete dump this year.

We should be looking for a sweep tonight not the bucs.

Unwar bullpen pitching.

Sonic Tooth said...

yeah. couldn't be too mad at hawper. the stick is hot.

renck this morning considered the baserunning blunders as much a contributor to the loss as the poor pitching. they probably did take multiple runs off the board...

DT, you will just have to proudly click "Herges" when you are voting for ultimate bullpen bed-shitter. sorry.
to answer your question, the reason that Hurdle went with Herges is simple. his guide book says:
Herges: 6th inning
Corpas: 7th inning
Bucholz: 8th inning
Fuentes: 9th inning

DeathTruck said...

Spier is better than Herges.

and I'm back to the mid-season 2007 form by saying Hurdle is a jackass idiot. That's right, a jackass idiot.

... got to win tongiht.