Sunday, July 20, 2008

Denver area hardware stores report severe shortage of brooms....

Holy shit it took a few innings, but the bats caught some serious fire today to complete the sweep of the visiting Pirates.
Pretty much everyone got in on the lumber action; Holliday, Bake-dog, Stew-bag, Barmey, Willie T, and late to the party - to put a capper on things was JoKo and G-dog. Love to see back-to-back jacks...Holliday was feasting on Duke for his in the 5th, you could feel it through the TV screen.
Cook, in classic-Cook fashion, settled down after a rough first, and just cruised.
Now that's how you turn a season around. (hopefully)


TroutDog said...

Damn, that was a fun game to be at. The 331 seats were in the shade and after falling behind 3-0, the team came to life. If a subsequent sweep of the Dodgers happens, things could really start to get interesting. One game at a time......I believe Tulo rejoins the team tomorrow.

ST - Any desire to go on Tues night? I have dahmer's tickey. If not, PF might be into going.

Jesus, it's hot out. God bless my swamp cooler.

Sonic Tooth said...

I bet today's game was fun. Who doesn't love an extra base hit bonanza?
Kip Wells also back tomorrow? advantage Rox.

yeah. i might be down for Tuesday...will get back to you.

TroutDog said...

Yeah, hello 4-game winning streak, my name is Kip Wells. It was nice knowing you.

The widget says the Dodgers have come back to take a 5-4 lead agains the D-bags in the top of the 9th. Hard to know who to root against more, but if the score holds, we will be 6 back of both teams.

TroutDog said...
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DeathTruck said...

Will Kroll's cooler be at the picnic today?

Young Bear said...

To steal a part of the "the series doesn't start until a road team wins" theory, this team HAS to start winning road serieseseseses or that can't be taken seriously.

Even to win the medicore west.

Shant be in attendance for evening picnic. Shacking up friends in town/this day 7 years ago..... stuff are taking presidence.

War Tulo's return.

War Romey's last question to Evan Longoria today being something like "why is Tulo so fresh????"

Sonic Tooth said...

agreed. the road record needs to be improved on mightily.

Sonic Tooth said...

Kroll's cooler now makes independent decisions completely unrelated to the whims of its owner. It is a sentient being that is blessed with freewill.

So you never know where that cooler will be making an appearance. Kroll could be having pie over at the Perkins on W. Colfax and the radio cooler could be making an appearance cross-town at some outdoor function sorely lacking in radio and beverage cooling devices.

I still doubt it'll show up...