Monday, July 7, 2008

Nice Little League Fielding in the 8th, Fellas

The Jr infield really made this game way more interesting than it need to be in the 8th. JoKo botches a broken bat hit right to him and miscommunication between JoKo and G-Dog puts the 1st two runners on with nobody out. Key to limiting the damage was Ryan Braun grounding into a DP. Corpas mops up to get the 3rd out (really the 5t out) after Prince blasts a 2-run dong off Buchholz and Fuentes gets a 1-2-3 ninth (I'm not kidding) to nail down a much needed victory. With CC going tomorrow and Sheets Wed, getting this first win was crucial.

Nice to see Ubaldo settling down after battling control early and get his first road win of the year. With Francis being out (and not very effective when he's pitched), U really needs to step it up. So far, so good.

Lets keep this hot streak going tomorrow against CC. Who's pitching for the Rocks? Is it Redman? Sweet - advantage Rocks.


Chain Lightning said...

Is that Stormin Gorman? Damn you gotta love yourself some '82 Brew Crew. I think I see a freckly looking 4-year old in the background trying to get some autographs on this Milwaukee County Sheriff baseball cards.

DeathTruck said...

no shit, I don't love me some joko. Has gotten a hit since that soon-after-call-up-HR? And that play at first would have been fairly routine for Tadd.

I'd have to blame Taylor or G-dog for the infield pop-up though. I think they were expecting I-dog to grab it, but it didin't look like he could see it.

Nonetheless, a grand w (and a grand u).

TroutDog said...

Most definitely Stormin' Gorman. Must've been some sort of AL Champs parade. Respek the Sheriff cards!

Sonic Tooth said...

Redman going tonight? Advantage Rox, oh most definitely. Hey, he was an all-star once you know? Rockies in striking distance 6.5 back currently. How's that for a jinx?

My Fucking A's sending Harden to the baby bears?!?! Beane sure does like to send his best players to teams I hate. A's aren't exactly out of things yet. If the Angels would get in a fucking slump now and again....

Hate to be the prick but I think "League" is misspelled in your post headline.

TroutDog said...

Oops, my bad. It was a pretty rushed post and I didn't have time to run it by my editor.

Pretty unlucky series of events tonight when the Rocks were about to tie it in the 6th, but Spilly comes up lame with a muscle pull and then Pods (pinch running for Spilly who will likely go on the DL) gets doubled off on a smash liner by Nixey. Although we end up losing 7-3, who knows how the game would've unfolded if Spilly ties it and we have Yorvit on 2nd with no outs. This team can't seem to stay healthy. (Bakedog also unavailble tonight.)

And that A's - Cubs trade does suck. Sounds like the A's got some good players in return, but they certainly aren't out of the race. Hopefully Hardin gets his injury on soon.

At least the Rox have Rusch going tomorrow against Sheets. Once again, advantage Rox.

Sonic Tooth said...

Rusch vs. Sheets. Advantage Rox? oh, most definitely.